This whole idea of staying in one country, one place, one habitation is wrong. We are nomads. We don’t swear alliance to the land we swear it to each other. We travel and send our best orators around the world to connect us. We need representation to share and continue to respect what is different and new. Not always to understand, but it is harder to understand something that is shocking and then being expected to understand so quickly. People need time to analyze and reinterpret 5, 10x. You can’t force a complete understanding because you can’t rush healing mental shocks. Same way you can’t tell your skin to grow faster you can’t tell emotional trauma to recover faster. It is a wound not of flesh, but of the soul. You have ripped one of their truths away from them, whoever is being shook has been awoken, they now have a little more empathy. They must be brought down, destroyed a little at their foundation and once again rebuild their world different from the one they had slept in. but now they are just a little more awake. A little readier to be broken down again and rebuild because as it continues it numbs to the point where they look forward to the numbness and the numbness turns into a humming that turns into a vibration. The vibration makes your skin glow. So, the little more awake you are the, little more you glow. We need to continue to glow in our cities and countries to the point where our whole world is gonna glow just a little bit more because of it.




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