Dissertation on the possible presence of *Gōl in American Youth

Game: Guess what this is describing before reading the last two lines

Capturing cinematic history.
Capturing those moments you felt love,
cried from laughter,
jumped from fear,
lost yourself in the twist.
You incorporated it into your culture. A modern language,
that in a nutshell captures the human experience.
Where there are no words to describe what must be said,

Gifs speak


*Gōl (Bedouin Slang; Lila Abu-Lughod translation): a general term that means simply anything said.

*Gōl (My translation): A way of speaking that notes importance in a conversation; how this memory should be said in a conversation; requires listener to tune in; speaker shows the memory rather than telling it.

Gifs are a visual Gōl.





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